Be seen, heard, felt, and known.



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 Reclaim and amplify the love that you are

is a ritual space to be seen, heard, felt, and known.

In online gatherings and in-person retreats, we journey through 7 months (October -May) to restore 7 sacred aspects of soul that have been severed or forgotten in modern life. 

Holding one another with radical love, we emerge joyful, open, and deeply connected to ourselves, one another, the earth, and the divine.

Together, we become available to the full expression of our souls.


I don’t believe in coincidence…

You are here, reading this now, because you’re ready to leave the empty path of the solitary seeker, and be deeply seen, heard, felt, and known by a loving and tender community.

Does this sound like you?

Perhaps you’ve devoted years–even decadesto healing work, and yet struggle to feel in your body the self-love, joy, and connection you know so well in your head. . .

And that is totally normal when living in a disembodied culture.

Perhaps you have loving relationships, and yet struggle to fully receive the abundant support that your loved ones offer you. . .

Yes. Because our frantic, individualistic, competitive society sets our nervous systems to high alert, which closes us to connection.

Perhaps you feel a spiritual connection to nature, but pain or guilt (if you are a white person and/or a settler) prevents you from feeling worthy enough to receive her love. . .

Of course you feel that way, because your integrity and intuition tell you something is wrong with how we've been taught to relate to the land. 

Perhaps you want to feel greater connection to your ancestors, and yet pain or shame prevents you from connecting with your lineage. . .

Yes. Because no one ever taught you how to be in relationship with the healed ones who are already supporting you.

Perhaps your grief and rage at the ongoing colonial violence and ecological destruction in our world has become far too much to hold alone. . .

Because grief and rage is the appropriate, healthy response. And we were never meant to hold it alone. 

Perhaps you sense that there is a more divinely aligned way to be human, both ancient and new, and you are ready to explore and embody that with a loving and dedicated community. . .

And that is why you are here. 

What if . . .

What if the answer to allowing self-love, joy, and connection to flow from your mind into your body was really quite simple… It’s a blind spot that’s right in front of us.

The answer is that we need each other.

… And everything in our culture tells us we shouldn’t.

We need to be seen, heard, felt, and known by a tender and loving community in our most vulnerable moments…In the pain. In the grief. In the confusion. In the rage. In the numbness. 

When we are witnessed in unconditional love, our nervous systems calm, our bodies register safety, and we move from our heads into our bodies. What was frozen begins to melt. What was stuck begins to move through us. Our lives begin to change.

The problem is that most of us don’t have people in our lives who can witness us with this potency of loving presence.

BECOME LOVE is a community devoted to our sacred need for one another.

Yes, we will learn specific skills, methods, and information. And you will find that the greatest transformation you experience in this course comes from the quality of presence we hold for each other. 

I don’t believe in coincidence…

You are here, reading this now, because you’re ready to be deeply seen, heard, felt, and known by a loving and tender community

Welcome, Beloved.

I’m Catherine Liggett, and I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m a Holistic Mental Health coach, a teacher on Insight Timer, host of the Tender Revolution podcast, an intuitive guide, and a mother of two. I’ve been holding tender space for those who are healing and facilitating transformational group experiences for 15 years.  

As a Holistic Mental Health coach, I often work with trauma survivors who experience anxiety, depression, and other symptoms that we have been led to believe are “in our heads.” 

But what I’ve come to learn is that what we call “mental health” is something far more complex. It is:

  • Embodied

  • Ancestral

  • Relational

  • Ecological

  • Spiritual

  • Systemic 

Over years of working intimately with hundreds of people, I’ve learned that most people who experience mental health symptoms are not broken… We are exquisitely attuned to the harm, disconnection, dysfunction, and toxicity that dominant culture calls “normal.” 

We come to this planet wired for deep connection: to each other, to spirit, and to our ancestors. For a life in harmony with nature.

And we come to be seen, heard, felt, and known for the unique soul gifts we carry. 

We are the tender-hearted ones. And we need each other. 

How did I get here?

As former university faculty and a recovering perfectionist and people-pleaser, I spent decades of my life believing what we all absorb in our society:

  • That I always needed to be and do more in order to be enough
  • that it’s honorable to struggle and withhold pleasure
  • that I needed to hide or censor parts of myself in order to be lovable
  • that it was all up to me
  • and so much more...

I ended my academic career when I realized that despite all my “success” on paper, I was suffering from high-functioning depression, anxiety, and bone-deep loneliness despite being surrounded by people who loved me.

So I embarked on a journey of deep healing, learned from many amazing teachers, and gradually turned my life-long passion into my career: Holding sacred transformative space to help people heal. 

For nearly two decades, I devoted my life to healing.

But the truth was, I was trying to heal in the same way that I was wounded in the first place: with force, self-criticism, hypervigilance, and perfectionism.

And even though I knew so much in my head, I wasn’t able to feel in my body the self-love I’d been studying for years . . .

Then, something happened in my life that changed everything. 

My first child was born–the greatest wonder of my life. And also, her birth catalyzed a postpartum nightmare in which I hit mental and physical rock bottom. I tried all the healing tools I knew to fix myself… And the harder I tried, the worse my symptoms became.

Then, in a moment that I call my Tender Revolution, I made a radical shift in how I approached healing. Because nothing was working to change myself, I took the only path I could: I softened into acceptance and love for myself, exactly as I was.

This radical self-love had an effect I never could have anticipated: In accepting myself as I was, free from shame and the desire to change, I started opening up more to the love of others. 

And in this willingness to be seen and felt in my vulnerability, deep healing took root in my body. 

In receiving the loving witnessing of others, my body unfroze. What I knew in my head was able to land in my body.

Our bodies are wired to need one another to heal.

Radical softening opens a portal tliberatory soul connection. This is the foundation of BECOME LOVE.

None of this is your fault.

We don’t know how to hold ourselves with love, because capitalist patriarchy teaches us that:

  • Our worthiness is not inherent. It must be earned through struggle.
  • Our most challenging emotions should be kept private.
  • We are only valuable when we are productive, efficient, and rational.
  • To accept ourselves as we are, without continuously striving to improve, makes us lazy and a failure in the eyes of society.
  • Needing others means that we are weak and a burden.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We need to be seen . . .

We need to be heard . . .

We need to be felt . . .

We need to be known by a loving community . . . in order to expand into our full selves. 

Our worthiness was never meant to be earned...And we need each other to viscerally unlearn this deeply-ingrained conditioning that we must be different than we already are in order to be loved.  

Together, in BECOME LOVE, we walk the path of remembering our inherent belonging to the earth, to spirit, and to one another. 

BECOME LOVE is an embodied initiation into the full expression of your soul.

BECOME LOVE empowers you to rise as a powerful healer of yourself, your lineage, and your ecosystem.

… And to give and receive more love, joy, and intimacy than you ever thought possible.


Your initiation awaits...










Monthly Themes

Each month, we focus on restoring our connection to one of
seven sacred aspects of soul. We emerge reborn as a profoundly resilient, joyful, heart-connected, confident version of our whole selves.


Opening the portal to feel and know ourselves as divine. Remembering our unique soul gifts. Learning how to direct our lives from our soul joy, not as a body who produces or does the “right” thing. Creating our own sacred altar and daily ritual to ground us in this knowing.


Weaving ourselves into wider belonging in our human lineage. Allowing the full acknowledgment of harm done, and the guilt and shame we may carry in our body today. Letting the pain move and transmute into love. Realizing that most of our wounds and stories are not ours to carry. Creating a living relationship with at least one healed ancestor to help guide us on our path. 


Awakening embodied subtle senses long forgotten. Feeling and knowing with our hearts, our skin, our bones. Sitting with the parts of ourselves that have been taught to doubt our direct knowing. Restoring our connection to spiritual guidance and opening ourselves to daily contact with the spiritual guides who are here to profoundly support us.


Opening to radical acceptance of our body exactly as it is. Allowing shame, judgment, hatred, and fear of our body to surface and be held with love. Transmuting this societal indoctrination into a tender, unconditionally loving relationship with our sacred vessels. Weaving simple sensuality into our daily soul time. Expanding our capacity for embodied joy and pleasure in all forms.


Transmuting the programming of pathological self-sufficiency into holy need for one another. Weaving ourselves back into the web of belonging to humanity. Restoring trust, and radically loving the parts of ourselves who are terrified of being hurt, abandoned, rejected, and betrayed. Learning to discern our boundaries and practice restorative communication in our relationships.  


Releasing the indoctrination that productivity, achievement, and constant growth are the most important things in life. Slowing down and sitting with the parts of ourselves who learned to run the capitalist “race to nowhere.” Redefining our healing process away from linear, cerebral goal-orientation and towards nonlinear joy, fun, and play centered in our body.


Restoring our complex and historically burdened relationship with the Great Mother. Fully acknowledging ancestral and personal shame, guilt, and judgment that blocks us from receiving Her unconditional love. Introducing ourselves to Her, and cultivating a living, reciprocal relationship with the land we live upon. Transmuting historical heaviness into a humble lightness of spirit. Weaving earth connection and land offerings into our daily ritual. 

What You Receive

Two In-Person Retreats in Seattle 

Two-day opening retreat Oct. 5-6, and a three-day closing retreat May 2-4, both in Shoreline, Washington. Retreats include deep ritual, healing work, nature excursions, and much more.

Live Gatherings Three Times per Month

We meet in 90-minute online sessions that include group practice, witnessed 1:1 work with Catherine, ceremony, movement, and Q&A. The last week of each month, we rest and integrate.

A Private Soul Map Reading with Catherine

Reading your astrology chart, Catherine helps you understand your unique soul mission, gifts, and blind spots (online, 75 min).

Embodied, Fun, Creative Projects

Each month, there is a project invitation to playfully embody your soul, and share it with the group. Like creating an altar, a sacred family tree, an intuitive soul drawing, and much more.

Easy to Use Community Platform and App

We stay connected via Kajabi Communities. No social media needed. Here, we can share what’s coming up for us, ask questions, post pictures of our projects, and more.

Optional Additional 1:1 Work with Megan Guzman, Midwife of the Embodied Soul

If you feel called to receive more frequent 1:1 support, certified Empathic Witnessing Practitioner Megan Guzman is available for additional session packages (not included in tuition) 

Bonus Content

Access to exclusive meditations, additional gatherings, reading lists, and more through our online community platform 

Discounted Priority Enrollment for Life

As an alum, you’ll receive a discount for all future enrollments in the BECOME LOVE community as well as  priority registration if you feel called to gather with us again (many do!)


What People Are Saying


"Catherine's course has been the greatest transformational gift I’ve ever received. One that will keep giving for a lifetime. The program design is amazing yet what Catherine brings to it with heart and soul is phenomenal."

— Ginger Chaffin

"This has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I’ve never had so many realizations and felt such an emotional release in such a short amount of time. It was the missing link for me."

— Tracey Luann

"Catherine is an absolute miracle worker. She's guided by pure intuition and love, and her accepting and loving presence allowed me to fully step into my innate power and wisdom. She masterfully supported me in our program."

— Megan Guzman

"Catherine shined a light of understanding on parts of myself I’ve struggled to understand for much of my adult life. I now feel ready, with the tools Catherine has taught me, to transition my life into my authentic self."

- Mark Mackay

"While taking Catherine’s course, I've noticed exponential growth. I know I'll be using the tools I learned here for the rest of my life. It’s by far the best program I've ever taken."

— Ji Kim

"Catherine Liggett is a shadow whisperer. She safely guided me to coax my fearful and angry inner child out to be met in the light of day where she and I are being healed. It is not an overstatement to say Catherine has given me my life back in living color."

— Cindy Scribner


Together in BECOME LOVE, we learn…

  • To slow down and feel our body sensations and emotions, and how that opens subtle ways of perceiving and knowing that we have forgotten for generations
  • To keep showing up to be seen, heard, felt, and known by a loving community in deeply tender and vulnerable moments 
  • To stay open, when we feel safe enough, instead of reflexively armoring and bracing against difficult emotions, thus allowing them to move and truly heal
  • To know ourselves and one another as already perfect, divine souls, who walk the nonlinear path of remembering this truth… which always involves periodically forgetting it
  • To identify the wounded parts of ourselves that can take the wheel when we feel threatened, and clearly discern them from our loving, resourced, capable adult self
  • To embrace with unconditional acceptance all parts of ourselves, especially those we have historically hated, censored, denied, or felt ashamed of
  • To deepen our embodied safety in states of rest, play, joy, and mystery
  • To remember the sacred art of right (loving, reciprocal) relationship with nature, the divine, non-human kin, and each other, and thus re-weave ourselves into deep belonging

Together in BECOME LOVE, we walk the path of unlearning…

  • The trauma response of needing to heal urgently, immediately, and completely 
  • The capitalist indoctrination that we must continuously strive to be and do more in order to be good enough
  • How especially as people of privilege, our implicit biases can masquerade as intuition
  • The reflex to over-analyze ourselves and others
  • The patriarchal habit of (especially as women) doubting, denying, and outsourcing our own intuitive knowing to an “authority” who “knows better” than the perfect intelligence of our own bodies
  • The appropriative idealism and exotification of Indigenous cultures that are not our own lineage, and the subconscious colonial urge to take from them
  • (If this applies to us): Guilt and shame about being a white person and/or a settler on colonized land, and how this can freeze us in our unlearning process 
  • Perfectionism about our unlearning process, as this too is patriarchal and puritanical conditioning.


Payment Plan


$227 / month for 12 months

$188 / month for 12 months for BIPOC 


Single Pay


$2,200 for BIPOC



✔ A sacred community that gathers online three times a month over 7 months as well as for two in-person retreats

✔ A deeply embodied, trauma-informed, and safe container where you will be seen, heard, felt, and known on a soul level 

✔ An open, radically accepting and celebratory space for all races, genders, abilities, and sexual-orientations

✔ Going to help you embody specific, profoundly helpful healing tools and practices that will last a lifetime

✔ Facilitated by Catherine Liggett, a holistic mental health coach and intuitive guide with over 15 years of experience in the healing arts

✔ A brave space to address, feel, and walk the path of unlearning the harm that we all internalize from white supremacist capitalist patriarchy

✔ A spiritual community that honors Indigenous wisdom from around the world while encouraging each individual to connect with the sacred in ways inspired by their own Indigenous ancestry 

✔ Facilitated by a cis, straight, white woman who is dedicated to her own life-long healing, humility, divesting, and unlearning the blind spots that inevitably come with her many layers of privilege. 

 BECOME LOVE is not:

✘ A self-help course that you do at home alone and keep to yourself

✘ A hierarchical community where Catherine claims to have authority over your own embodied knowing

✘ About “fixing” or “improving” you

✘ An academic style course with homework or required reading

✘ Going to stay in your head and bypass deeply embodied emotional work

✘ A toxic spiritual community that views certain emotions or behaviors as “low vibrational” or “high vibrational,” or advocates "ascension"

✘ Going to advocate for one style of healing for everyone

✘ Facilitated by a licensed clinical professional mental health practitioner 

✘ Going to exotify Indigenous cultures or encourage you to appropriate from traditions that are not your own

✘ A replacement for learning from Black, Indigenous, and other teachers of color about the ongoing violence of colonization and white supremacy, and what it takes to walk the path of unlearning.


Frequently Asked Questions

To Recap What's Included...

  • Two multi-day retreats in Catherine's home studio in Shoreline, Washington
  • Live online gatherings three times per month for seven months that include ritual, in-depth discussion, movement, heartfelt sharing, and witnessed 1:1 work with Catherine
  • A private Soul Map Reading with Catherine (75 min) to uncover your unique soul mission, gifts, and blind spots
  • Embodied, fun, creative projects each month that will enrich and reshape your life to reflect your soul self
  • Easy to use online platform and app (Kajabi Communities) to stay in touch with participants throughout our seven months together
  • Potent bonus content including meditations, additional gatherings, reading lists, playlists, and much more
  • Discounted priority enrollment for life on all future cohorts of BECOME LOVE

Payment Plan


$227 / month for 12 months

$188 / month for 12 months for BIPOC 


Single Pay


$2,200 for BIPOC


More Questions?

If you still have questions about BECOME LOVE, contact Catherine using the form right here or email her at [email protected].


I want to honor some of the amazing teachers and mentors who have inspired and informed the work that I offer:

Thank you to Tara Brach, whose Radical Acceptance meditation retreat I took as a teenager revealed the work of my life. Profound thanks to Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza, whose intensive course, REMEMBER, initiated me onto the lifelong path of unlearning the colonial mind, and showed me the importance of leaning into our spiritual guidance and healed ancestors as we work towards liberation for all.

Deepest thanks to Malidoma Patrice Somé, now in the realm of the ancestral, who through his writings and in-person transmissions opened my eyes to a different way of being human. Heart gratitude to Melinda Kaur, my Holy Fire Reiki teacher, who taught me how to embody unconditional love as energy healing.

Deep thanks to Dr. La Tasha Levy, Professor of Black Studies at the University of Washington, for being my coach and guide through a deeper understanding of Black history and anti-racism. And thank you to Mark Lilly, founder of Street Yoga, for teaching me the power of trauma-informed healing for those who need it most. 

Deep gratitude to Prentis Hemphill, Alok Vaid-Menon, adrienne maree brown, and Sonya Renee Taylor, whose work has opened a portal in my heart and has taught me that joy, pleasure, embodiment, and collective liberation happen together.   

Thank you to all the clients and students who have sat with me, shared their most intimate joys and struggles, and taught me volumes about what it means to be human.

Profound thanks to my soul sisters–you know who you are–who hold and witness me with loving tenderness so big it brings me to tears, and who always lead me back to myself.

Last but absolutely not least, thank you to my greatest teachers and inspirations: My two young daughters, Gabriela and Isabel, and to my husband Carlos for the unwavering support and the lightness of soul that always brings me home to myself.