I'm Catherine, and I want to expand your idea of what's possible for you.

What are you trying not to feel?

How does this question land in your body?

Most people make enemies out of feelings they think they shouldn't have, trying hard to feel good, desperately running from the pain in their hearts and bodies.

The tragedy of this approach is that in turning away from our pain, we shut out the voice of our inner compass. The purpose of our emotions and body sensations is to guide us. 

In learning the language of sensation and emotion, we reclaim our purpose, our potential, and our ability to feel deep connection with ourselves and others.

Befriending our vulnerability is the key to living a vital, connected, deeply fulfilling life.

For me, this is the essence of shadow work.

You might be wondering how I got here.


I'm a toddler mom, a white, cis woman, a wife, a former academic, and a trauma-informed yoga and meditation teacher.   

But most importantly, my entire life, I've been obsessed beyond reason by the human psyche. Especially all that lies beneath the surface of consciousness.

This obsession (paired with a whole lot of privilege and introversion) led me to spend my teenage and college years with my nose in the work of Jung, Freud, Goethe, Kant, Hegel, and many other thinkers who seemed just as obsessed as I was. So I ended up with a BA in Philosophy, and a Masters in German. 

After spending six years as full-time faculty in German at Oregon State University, the call of my secret obsession became stronger than my desire for security, and I took the plunge into a major career change.

At this point, I'd spent countless hours in therapy and personal growth work, and it was clear that the usual methods weren't getting anywhere.

The most transformative methods I'd experienced were those I did on my own, inspired by Jungian depth psychology and my obsession with the unconscious. But I didn't quite have the courage to offer this to others quite yet. 

After spending a few years teaching trauma-informed yoga classes in inpatient psychiatric hospitals, I enrolled in a graduate program for Counseling Psychology, but left after six months after realizing that it wasn't going to help me do what my soul was calling me to do... to offer others the shadow work that continues to transform my life.

"Catherine is uniquely amazing. There's this sense of softness and love, yet she's a complete powerhouse of a human. She is so comforting yet incredibly strong, and was able to hold the intense amount of space I needed for healing. I am finally feeling strong about my journey to continue healing myself and helping others."

- Jennifer F.

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