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Catherine Liggett

Hi, I'm Catherine!

I want to change how you experience yourself, and the world. How? Through simple, intimate, body-based practices that heal trauma and reclaim your most wildly authentic self.

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"I knew Catherine was a brilliant shadow worker before taking [Becoming Bold], and through the course my respect and appreciation for her gifts has deepened considerably. The ideas, language and understanding it gives access to are rippling out in healing ways across many areas of my life, helping me to reparent myself, and strongly, lovingly assert my needs and desires."

- Tova, Becoming Bold 2021 grad

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Tender Revolution Podcast

"Tender Revolution is a gift in this period of collective upheaval. Catherine’s voice and her messages create a sanctuary of calm in my body. It feels like she is in the room with me, a grounding presence amidst isolation and anxiety. While I’m listening and afterwards, I feel greater love for myself and stronger capacity to move forward in my day. Each episode has contained an exploration that I expect to return to over and over when I feel overwhelmed."

- Catherine Gray, Unsilenced Woman

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"Catherine is an absolute miracle worker. She's guided by pure intuition and love, and her accepting and loving presence allowed me to fully step into my innate power and wisdom. She's a changemaker who fully embodies her methods, and she masterfully supported me in our programs together."

- Megan Guzman