In Becoming Bold, you learn how to build the boundaries to:

  • access power and safety in your body
  • create supportive relationships
  • overcome self-sabotage
  • show up to be loved as your weird, beautiful self

in the intimate, trauma-informed container of our 8-week course.

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Becoming Bold grad Tova Moreno says:

"Catherine Liggett's Becoming Bold course is deeply healing. The field of love, respect and wisdom that Catherine holds feels both vast and laser-pointed. It often feels like she is channeling spirit guides to provide material and responses that speak directly to the hearts and minds in the course. I knew she was a brilliant shadow worker before taking this course, and through the course my respect and appreciation for her gifts has deepened considerably. The ideas, language and understanding it gives access to are rippling out in healing ways across many areas of my life, helping me to reparent myself, and strongly, lovingly assert my needs and desires. I'm very grateful."